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16 Free Tools to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Looking to improve your content? These tools will help.

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Facebook Just Gave 200 Million Users A Reason To Quit

Facebook just made it a whole lot easier to pack up and leave.

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LinkedIn Stories is Now Available to Users in Brazil

LinkedIn's take on the Stories format is now being made available to users in Brazil.

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Facebook Expands Access to Option to Transfer Your Photos and Videos to Google Photos

After initially launching its photo and video transfer tool to selected users last year, Facebook is now providing the option in more regions.

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Introducing New Ways to Get Ready for the Virtual Job Interview

Job searching is stressful in even the best of times and the impact of coronavirus has made this an especially tough market. If you’re searching for a job right now, we want to help you stand out to recruiters and prepare for your interview -- which most likely will be virtual.

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Snapchat Taps Into the Rising Popularity of Its Snap Camera for New AR Campaigns

With usage of its Snap Camera add-on rising amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, Snapchat is working with brands on new, integrated AR campaigns.

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TikTok Will Limit Which Employees Can Access User Data as it Continues to Review its Processes

TikTok's new CISO Roland Cloutier has outlined his key points of action as the platform works to distance itself from Chinese government connections.

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LinkedIn's up to 690 Million Members, Reports 26% Growth in User Sessions

Microsoft has reported that LinkedIn is now up to 690 million members, though it's predicted a slowdown in revenue growth due to COVID-19.

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YouTube's testing out a new way to highlight products mentioned within a video to help facilitate shopping behavior.

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Reddit Launches New Feature to Initiate Smaller Group Chats in Subreddits

Reddit is launching a new feature that will enable users to initiate smaller group chats within a subreddit.

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Google Makes Multi-Participant Video Streaming Platform Meet Free to All Users

Google is making its multi-participant video conferencing tool Meet available to all, for free, to help people stay connected during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Instagram is Testing a New 'DM Me' Sticker to Prompt Messaging Interaction From Stories

Instagram is working on a new 'DM Me' sticker for Instagram Stories in order to re-direct messaging activity from Stories content.

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TikTok tops 2 billion downloads

TikTok, the widely popular video sharing app developed by one of the world’s most valued startups (ByteDance), continues to grow rapidly despite suspicion from the U.S. as more people look for ways to keep themselves entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more at https://techcrunch.com/2020/04/29/tiktok-tops-2-billion-downloads/

Twitter UK supports the IAB Gold Standard

Twitter UK is proud to support and endorse the IAB Gold Standard - an important industry initiative that helps ensure our customers have the best online experience possible.

Read more at https://blog.twitter.com/en_gb/topics/marketing/2020/twitter-uk-supports-the-iab-gold-standard.html

LinkedIn is testing new ways to present link previews in-stream, which could require a re-think of your visuals.

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WhatsApp Officially Launches New, 8-Person Group Video Chat Option

WhatsApp has officially launched its new, 8-person, encrypted video chat option, doubling the capacity of WhatsApp group video calls.

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Instagram Adds Live Donations Feature for Fundraising via Instagram Live

Instagram has added a new option which will enable users to conduct fundraisers via Instagram Live.

Read more at https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagram-adds-live-donations-feature-for-fundraising-via-instagram-live/576951/

How to Use LinkedIn Events to Promote Online or In-Person Events

Wondering how to get the word out on LinkedIn about an event you’re hosting? Have you heard of LinkedIn Events? In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn to promote your next online workshop, product launch, or in-person event.

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